Tai Chi Qigong Classes

September 2021 Re-start

Group Zoom Sessions

Tuesdays at 11.00 - 12.30. £7 each

Christchurch Library

Thursdays - Regular Clients          10.30 - 11.55

                     Regular/New Clients  12.00 - 13.25

Monthly in advance            £8 each

Single Class (if available)   £10 each

Maximum 9 attendees,  please contact me to book.


"I have joined in Martin's Mindful Movement which he delivered at my Mindfulness Course and was deeply impressed not only by his skill in the Art, but also in his personal commitment to the practice itself. I can highly recommend his classes if you are interested in supporting your own sense of well being"

Robert Gebka, Executive Director, Dorset Mindfulness Centre.

"For me, Martin's Qigong class is like a little oasis of calm where I can let go of the outside world. He teaches in a gentle and focused way that I find easy to follow and helps me to remember the sequence of movements. At the end of the class, I always feel re-energised, peaceful and happy"  Liz B.   

"I have found attending classes with Martin both relaxing and instructive. He has been able to impart this Eastern philosophy in an easy and friendly manner. A great introduction to this way of being"  Steve Q.

One to one sessions in Qigong  & EFTMRA

Please contact me to discuss your requirements